Sleep Deprived and Windows

I got very little sleep last night.  Maybe three hours total and 10-15 minute spans with 30-40 minutes awake in between them.

Part of it is the hot flashes, but only part.  They certainly woke me quite often but it was my brain that kept me awake in between those times.

I would like to think part of it was because I blogged right before bed and put all those house things in my head.  One span of being awake I kept going over what was in the shed, what could sell, what I had on the movers list (because if it wasn’t on the list it will cost more).  Then I started to weigh the cost of would it cost more to ship “it” or replace “it” and did I even need “it”.

Last night the guest room bunk beds sold thanks to Della and Dale.  Della had posted them and then transferred the arranging to Dale since he is home more.  They got $600 cash for them last night but more importantly they are out of the house.

Today that 600 went to the Window Depot as a down payment for the two windows they will be replacing in the dressing room upstairs.  They met the Lowes bid, they even gave us 90 bucks off for cash.  The other half is due when the windows are installed in about two weeks.

Also secured today was a painting company.  Dale had so many people come bid it and Partners Painting was by far the best price and the most inclusive.  They will paint in the first “clear” 3 day weather that Seattle has AFTER the windows are installed.

Now the trick is to actually sleep tonight!!!




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