“moving” right along

I can not even express how much my brother and sister have been doing and helping me out with the house.

They are going through EVERYTHING and packing and getting ready for the movers and yard sales to purge.

I get a series of photos from each of them, depending on which rooms they are working on and I text back to keep or sell.  There are going to be a couple of big yard sales that will hopefully bring in a good portion of the move price.  What doesn’t sell we will arrange to have Northwest Center or PickUPplease pick up the rest and take it away.

We are down to a couple rooms (craft/storage room and kitchen).  They got the bedrooms upstairs completely emptied except what is moving.  Everything from the shed I want (mostly tools) has been removed, same with the gym.  They are just amazing.

We have settled on the window company and hopefully in just over a week the two windows will be replaced.  We have also settled on a paint company.  That will depend on windows and weather.  From what I see in the forecast it looks like we will NEVER paint.  (Kidding I have faith thee will be a four day break just when I need it).

Even the movers are scheduled and the deposit paid.

Dale is looking into a pool service and a yard servie to cover from the time they leave to the time it sells.  I have emails out about carpet cleaners.

It is all coming together really really well and it is ALL because of Della and Dale!!

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