I am taking a break from the regularly scheduled “pack/sell/purge/move” post.  Believe me there is plenty to talk about there but Lori and I took a break from our overscheduled lives on Saturday.

That did mean being up early and on the road by 7:00; we drove up to Santa Barbara to take a tour of Lotusland.  Lotusland is only open to tours from February to November.  Then only if they haven’t hit 30,000 visitors.  Because of the permit needed they can only have 30,000 visitors a year.  To exceed that would require a different permit that they are not sure they would get so they just leave it as is.

Lotus land is a 37-acre botanical garden.  A famous polish Opera Singer Ganna Walska bought the established garden in 1941 and spent over forty years transforming it.  (Or rather her gardeners did the work based on her daily whim).

There are so many separate gardens and you can walk out from a garden into a completely different garden, temperature, look, feel.  Simply stunning walking through a topiary garden into a hot beautiful cactus garden into an olive grove.

I only took a few pictures, as I didn’t have my camera and simply didn’t want to have my phone out during this docents guide through the gardens.

There were at least 7 (maybe more) docents giving tours all at the same time.  Because the place is so vast they each went to the different gardens on a two-hour tour and rarely crossed passed.

So many beautiful gardens.  Some whimsical, some formal, some very unique gardens.

By the end of the two hours tour we did have to leave.  There is no wondering around Lotusland on your own unless you are a member and then you still have to have a reservation.

We were done at noon and headed out of Santa Barbara and stopped at the Cliff House for lunch.  It was a lovely day and escape from the regularly scheduled events.



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