Shoe horning “my” time

I got home about 1:00 am and into bed by 2:00 (took a little time to blog and wind down.)  Lori was up and gone before 7:00 as her class starts at 9:00 (class she is taking not teaching).  I mumbled have a good day before falling back to sleep.

I did not wake up until 10:00 a.m.  TEN!  I mean my body thought it was about 9:00 and another week or two into the time switch and it will be better but it seems super late.

I only had two hours before I needed to start getting ready for work and a long list of things I wanted to get done.  I filled in my passport paperwork and got it together with a couple other things I needed to mail and walked to the post office.  Came home via Target and picked up dish soap.

This accomplished some sort of exercise and two errands.  With an hour left I was able to water the garden, put a pot of soup in the crock pot, make my lunch to take with me and a few other things like take out the trash.

Hopefully I will be home “on time” tonight which means about 11:00.  That should lead to an earlier day tomorrow.


One Response to “Shoe horning “my” time”

  1. salpal1 Says:

    time change week is a crazy thing.

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