Nursery and Zucchini

What do you mean Nursery and Zucchini don’t go together?  What kind of a title is that?  Where do you think this blog is going and just HOW do you intend to pull that together?  Well it was my weekend, so lets try this.

After two weekends in a row of helping our friends clear out an overrun landscape from tenants that left.  (I say left like it was an easy task, it included a court date, a lot of drama and 17 stray cats under the house) This weekend we headed up to Calimesa to paint the nursery and do some yard work.

Yesterday I painted the nursery an aqua/teal color “Crystal Rapids” is its name.  I put that on three walls and painted one wall white.  I kinda had to talk my niece into that move but she trusted the experience painter (me) and the experienced designer (Lori) in the group and went with it.  I think she was happy with the result even if that meant re-arranging the set up of the room she had in her head.

We headed back out this morning for more yardwork and the second coat of white paint.  I was making breakfast first and dashed out to pick some spinach for my eggs and I saw these zucchini.  They are growing so fast we will be eating a lot of zucchini for a while.  I picked these three and once we were home at the end of the day put them on the grill.  A little olive oil, pepper and a lemon.  They were so fresh and tasted so very yummy.  (So not a smooth transition to the zucchini after all – Back to the nursery)

We drove out pretty early and started weeding.  I finished up the painting and then put my great nieces crib together.  Hung the canopy over it and snapped a couple pictures for my sister.

My sister at the same time was busy washing windows and cleaning bathrooms at my house.  There is only about a week left before the movers take away everything and lastly the carpets cleaned next Monday.  Dale replaced the trim on the upstairs window this week.  The painters were there pressure washing yesterday and tomorrow they paint.

With all the help I have been getting, I am glad I can keep my karma bank not just taking withdrawls but some deposits with all the help at our friends house and up at the girls.  I am feeling both blessed and overwhelmed these days.  (Clearly this blog is all over the place, kinda feels like life lately)






4 Responses to “Nursery and Zucchini”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Okay, the pictures here kind of put together some kind of safe sex message. I could get more specific, but this is a family show. Let your mind wander on it.

  2. Della Says:

    LOL, Katherine… now that you mention it!

  3. Della Says:

    Thank you sister, and Lori, for taking such good care of my girls for me!

  4. Arthur Caldwell Says:

    Great story, thank you for sharing your house make over experience.

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