I was on my way to work yesterday afternoon, a half a block from work at the stop light when I was rear ended.  I was not hurt but quite shaken up.  Its not like we was right behind me because I was at the light for a solid minute before he ran into me.  I was far enough behind the person in front of me that I did not hit anyone in tandem.

I got his name and number, a photo of his license plate and drivers license.  But it didn’t look like there was any damage as we stood there in the middle of the street.  I wouldn’t pull over or go around the corner.  There is no way I was heading down that one way street toward Santa Monica Blvd.  It would have taken me 20 minutes to get back to the spot I was at where I could actually see the entrance to the garage.

So of course today I noticed the bumper is cracked.  Its not big, its not really noticeable.  I texted the guy and he immediately sent me a picture of his insurance card.

I don’t know if I should bother.

3 Responses to “Rear-Ended”

  1. salpal1 Says:

    I am glad you are OK – it is a very scary thing to have happen. And yes, you should bother. At least take it and get a quote for the work and an idea of what will happen if you do nothing, so you are making an informed decision.

  2. -br Says:

    pursue it, glad you weren’t hurt anymore seriously then shaken, but that’s trauma too, take good care of yourself

  3. Katherine Says:

    So glad you weren’t hurt. I agree with the others, though: bother enough to get a quote, and then probably get it fixed. Seems like a small thing but 1) it could mask something bigger and 2) small things have a way of adding up and then you’re either living with or trying to sell a car that has a bunch of flaws. Finally, the insurance industry loves people who don’t bother–they get the profit off the guy who pays his premiums and the woman who doesn’t make them pay for the damage.

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