Not my healthcare please

There are some political platforms I just do not agree with and the single payor healthcare is one of them.

I by no means think that the current healthcare is perfect.  But I think a single payor would limit the diversification and flexibility of healthcare.

There are countries out there that spend a lot less than the U.S.A. on healthcare.  Last I read we spend more of our GDP than any other country on healthcare and some countries spend only 1/3 or 1/4 of what we spend.

People are talking about “free” healthcare for all but nothing is free.  It would have to be paid for somehow.  But if the Government is paying for it they have a different agenda to healthcare than a sick person.  Healthcare providers have there own agenda as well and profit along with paying employees is part of that.  The sick person just want care or cure or treatment.

Having worked in healthcare I have watched budgets, programs and equipment cut from the hospital budge because the Affordable Care Act cut the profit of the care they were giving and they were no longer able to  afford these things.  (Like the mammogram screening bus that goes into neighborhoods and offers free screenings)  There is so much that goes into healthcare that does not generate revenue.  The facilities crew, cleaning crew, marketing, administration, all kinds of equipment that has to be paid for somehow.  I worked for a nonprofit hospital so all profits where turned around and re-invested but that doesn’t mean there are not costs involved.

U.S. Citizens go to the doctor for every pimple, achy joint, stubbed toe and split end.  (Hyperbole-Yes)  Countries were there is a single payor, you do not have that option.  It can take months to get in for a simple procedure.  And when they have paid enough or you are deemed incurable you don’t get more healthcare.  If you have had your “share” or they think the limited chemo drug would better serve someone younger with more of a chance you are denied the treatment.

What we have with the affordable care act is not perfect.  But I think a Single Payor system would change the healthcare platform with much heavier burdens then people think.



2 Responses to “Not my healthcare please”

  1. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    Well stated! Reality is hard to take sometimes.

  2. Katherine Says:

    This is a subject worth more than a comment on a blog post. But I’ll offer this link to a fairly informational page on what single payer is, isn’t, and can be. And this excerpt, which addresses my main concern about the for-profit racket that health insurance is in this country today:

    “Single Payer won’t magically fix our problems alone, but addressing the profit in healthcare funding, our current lack of bargaining power, and the simplifying of coverage options would carry many benefits for the average American.”

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