A Break

I need a break from the House thing….a Break in general would be good.  The house is ready and should be being staged this week.  My brothers and sister have been instrumental in getting it all done.  Dale specifically worked himself into a corner, a low-blood sugar barely enough time to get to the airport corner and was near tears.

My younger brother Carlos and dear friend Trinity went by today to finish up the little bit that was left.  Cleaning the last bathroom, the kitchen and hard wood floors and taking out the last bits to goodwill.  Tonya will be picking up my cable boxes and returning them for me.

I am not used to needing, asking or even wanting help.  But this experience has me reaching out to lots of friends and family for help.  [Pushing comfort envelope = growing right]

The plan was to have it listed this week and an open house Sunday.  There was a scheduling conflict with photographer so that has slipped 3 days or so.  For now the staging is happening, the yard is mowed again Thursday (Dale set this up with the mow and blow neighbor) and I have a call into the pool guy to clean the pool again next Sunday/Monday before it lists.


So back to that break idea.  Everything else in life is overflowing.  Schedules, Commitments, Gardens.  I have incorporated zucchini into breakfast, dinner and lunch salads.  The Peas are taller then me.  Lettuce is bolting but still yummy so trying to eat it as fast as possible and the Swiss chard is abundant.  The rain at the end of last week and over the weekend saved me time as I didn’t have to stop and water….however everything grew so much with the cooler days.  My tomatoes, two small plants because I didn’t want to over do it like last years four….well they are tomato shrubs.



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