It is weird.  Really weird.  Someone else’s furniture is in my house (soon to be someone else’s house and its not their furniture either).

Pool guy that was set up,  well when I phoned him three times because he wouldn’t call me back told me he couldn’t do it until May because he was busy getting all of his regular clients pools open for the season…….     OK.  I called the local guy in Des Moines and he went by today to look at the pool and give me a quote, still waiting on that.

However the photo that came from the realtor who just finished staging my the house has a nice sparkly photo of the pool.

My favorite thing however is that there is a picture of poppies on the living room wall where my painting of poppies lived!  I knew poppies belonged there.




One Response to “Staged”

  1. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    Betcha it sells quickly! A Lakeridge friend and neighbor just sold hers in less than a week! $690,000 CASH! Someone else wanted it for 700,000, but it wasn’t a cash deal. She went for the cash. (small house, but great view of the south end of Mercer Is., etc.

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