Weekend with my sisters…..priceless

Cheap-o flights from Spirit Airlines (whom I will never fly on again and will go into that in a future post.) Event rates from the Best Western. Three taxi rides, miscellaneous food and weekend parking at LAX!

It was a very fun, albeit busy 3-day weekend.  Lots of laughing, four meals (all yummy), bonus sight-seeing, two medals and a ton of inspiration.

Della (my sister) drove in from Calimesa the night before and slept on our couch.  We had a 10:15 flight on Friday morning and so we had to leave by 7 for LAX.  Yes it is only 20 miles away but it took an hour to get there and then more than an hour to get through the ridiculous security line.  Our flight happened to be delayed by 40 minutes so we actually had time to stand in the Starbucks line for just about 45 minutes and get tea and coffee before getting on the flight.

Surprisingly our flight wasn’t too late getting into New Orleans and we got an immediate taxi to the hotel.  Checking in was a breeze and we settled into our room before heading out to get our first and last food of the day at 5pm.

Soon after we met up with our sister Tureaza at the hotel and she registered for the competition and we waited with her for her tanning appointment.  Lots of laughing but no night life for us.  Tureaza had a early morning call so went back to her hotel and friends she was staying with.

Saturday Della was up way before me, I was just so sleepy.  She was showered and went and bought our tickets to the pre-judging that started at 9:00.  We had really good seats and watched all of the judging for all the divisions as my sisters were all at the end.  She was in three different competitions.  Masters (for over 35); Novice for first time competitors; and Overall.

After the pre-judging was over (about 1pm) we all went to lunch, Tureaza’s coaches were allowing her grilled chicken and rice, her first carbs in days.  She was so excited.  My friend Vivian who was coming to see the show met up with us at the same time as well.

After lunch (which we walked a block to Outback) we hung out in our room and Tureaza relaxed and put her feet up to get ready for finals in the evening.  We had several hours of just hanging out in our room.  She re-did her make up and I curled her hair for the finals.

Finals started about 6:00 pm and again Bikini was at the end.  You would think that with most of the judging going on in the morning this would be a quicker affair but it was not.  This whole thing took nearly four hours but was a lot of fun and a packed room full of excited and cheering people.

Tureaza won 2nd place in the Masters and 5th place in the Overall.  So proud of all her hard work and dedication.  I don’t have a problem eating the same food day after day, but the extent of her diet for the last week is dull.  For the five days up to her competition she was allowed boiled chicken and lettuce.  Yep, every meal, (5 or 6 meals a day), every day!

So when the competition was over, we all went out for dinner.  We went to a pizza place called the Mellow Mushroom, it closed at midnight and we were the last ones there as they swept around us.  It was quite humorous just how many of the competitors where already there when we got there.  They all were happy to eating and like my sister who took two days away from the training diet are back on track, these people are dedicated!!!

Sunday morning I was the one up early, showered and reading before Della and Vivian were up.  We checked out and took a taxi down to the French Quarter for a little local flair before heading out.  Tureaza and her friends met up with us for Breakfast and a walk around before we took another taxi back to the airport and another even suckier flight home on Spirit.

It was a very fun weekend with my sisters and friends.  Things move slow when there are eight peoples desires and schedules to take into account.  Luckily we were all there for Tureaza’s event, the rest we fit in was just bonus time.









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