36 Hours

The house was listed on Tuesday afternoon.

Thursday a couple different people had already looked at it.  (And set off the alarm in doing so )  One wanted to make an offer and I had a long conversation with my broker.  Basically they wanted to know if I would ‘accept’ the offer now or wait until the weekend when more were likely to come in.

We (rather the broker) told them if they had a “Strong” offer I would consider it.  Otherwise I would hold it until we could have an open house this weekend and see what other offers came in.

We got the offer, just ABOVE the asking price.  So by Thursday afternoon (less that 48 hours after listing) I was under contract.

The inspection is next week and then the appraisal.  By the end of next week we will know what if anything else is needed prior to selling and if the appraisal supports the offer price.

I could very well not own this home as of May 31st.  Bittersweet.  If it all happens with few hitches from here it will also be a relief.  It has been an exhausting year already.

One Response to “36 Hours”

  1. salpal1 Says:

    wow! I guess the housing slump is over for you! It is a gorgeous place, all that hard work everyone did really shows.

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