Weekend through photos


I flipped through my photos to see if there were any good ones over the last five days I could post and blog about.

There is a little time capsule in there on the last five days but really nothing noteworthy for blogging.

Saturday we spent the day running errands and moving things around to make room for Dale for a while.  We bought a portable clothes rack that we put in our bedroom so Lori could hang her clothes in there.  We also moved her computer out to the garage and bought a 100 foot cord so when she needs to prep for class she can run it through the house and work out there.  Not the most comfortable, luckily the semester is almost over.

We also went a little crazy at the art supply store getting the things we needed and some extras we wanted for the sketching.  Our trip is now less than 5 weeks away and I am so darn excited.

While we were out and always on the hunt for the round rug my niece wanted for her nursery well we found a great rug place that had a sale going on and I sent here by the looks of my phone photos of 7 rugs, rugs that look nearly identical in the photos.

Sunday I took the rug out to the girls house, we had some stuff to move around and I was picking up my brother and some of his things.  My sister, brother and I put together a bed frame for my niece that had been in the stuff we just moved down.  We also moved the dresser that they had painted earlier in the week into the nursery.  We are less than a month from baby, in fact it could be any day in the next few weeks.  If she goes into labor again they won’t stop it this time.  The baby has been in long enough for lung development and Taylor continues to have contractions.

The weekend was very full and over quickly, two days ago in fact.  But it you look at it that way, I’m almost half way to the next one!




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