Political Action Committee

After a recent conversation regarding politics, I have a “what if” scenario and question for you politically minded folks.

First lets spell out what my belief of a PAC or Super Pac is:  Based on laws that were passed in 2010-2012, Super PACs are independent-expediture comittees.  They can raise money from corporations or independent people with the same goals.  They CAN NOT contribute to a candidate campaign or party but do provide financial support for “causes” that may or may not be supported by said candidate.

Since it is illegal for a Corporation or Labor Union to contribute directly to an individual campaign this is one way a corporation can put money toward supporting ideals that help them in their business.

So now my “what if”…. Lets say I believe 100% in green energy.  I put all of my money and retirement into building a company that promotes green energy or builds wind farms or some cause like that.  I can’t contribute as my corporation toward the candidate that I think would best promote my new business or laws that support expanding my business and growing green energy.  However, I can as an entrepreneur donate to a Super Pac that promotes green energy and in doing so encourages the candidate they feel best supports green energy.   How is that wrong or promoting an unfair influence?

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