Work Day Eleven

Tomorrow makes twelve days in a row.  Granted this last weekend I worked from home, however I clocked almost ten hours on Saturday and almost sixteen on Sunday.

All week long (this current week) I keep thinking, is it Friday?  Besides so many days in a row, this week I am working in a different office and a different shift.  I am on the noon-8pm shift.  This is the worst of all the shifts.

There is very little time in the morning to do anything and by the time I get home there is a little visiting with Dale and Lori but then off to bed.

This morning after a quick work out I had just enough time to water the zucchini garden and pick a few things (zucchini) before they got any bigger.   We are at the point that we get a few tomatoes everyday.  So now its the keeping up with picking them so they don’t rot in the oversized shrubbery that the plants have turned into.

Tomorrow is Friday!  And to look at my silver linings I will have an awesome paycheck from last week and be off early enough that I should be well rested for Saturday morning.  We currently have not one thing planned.  But do. not. let. that. fool. you.  We always fill up all of the days.  There are crazy amount of weeds, our friends house remodel is down to the landscaping and we are helping with that, my car needs an oil change, and wait I just signed up for an 8:45 am training at the gym.  Oh and any day now there could be a baby!




2 Responses to “Work Day Eleven”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Nice to see you surface for a breath of air! Hope you allow yourself some sit-and-dream time this weekend. xoxo

  2. Taylor Says:

    You’ve been so busy ! And yes , any day there could be a baby. No sign of her just yet though ! 🙂

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