A few life changes……

What are the big stressors of life?  Moving, Buying or Selling a house, Job Changes, Babies.

My house is about sold.  There is paperwork en-route for me to sign and get notarized this week and back to the broker.  There has been talk of it ‘closing early’ then not, then the email today from my escrow person says the lender will be cleared for closing within 48 hours.  But from what I know it will close on the 31st and not earlier…..subject to yo-yo-ing again.

All of our belongings arrived a few weeks ago from Seattle…wow a month ago now.  There was some last minute drama with the moving company however it still ended up being cheaper and easier than us renting a truck and loading/unloading it all ourselves and driving it down.  I would guess I purged 98% of my belongings with this move.  Those things that I did move are all stashed in the garage up at the girls house in Calimesa.  You know to deal with later!

We are still on baby watch.  My niece is so very ready to have this baby.  With all the stress and false labor for the last five weeks, the actual due date is upon us and she is more than ready!  A very stressful night a few nights ago with 12 straight hours of very painful labor and a constant nine minute apart contraction log we really thought that might be it.  Twelve hours later and completely exhausted they stopped.  Tonight after a day of errands like going to the highway patrol and having them install the car seat she is back to painful labor at 9 minutes apart….so maybe, maybe not.

Work has a few shake ups.  Including an entire new reporting structure out of Chicago.  It happened suddenly  a few weeks ago.  I am rather bummed, not so much about the new manager but in losing my old manager.  One of the deciding factors in my coming back to this company was working for the woman who I now, again, no longer work with.  There have been very stressful days at work.  The new manager flew in an met with us each last week.  There are new rules including having to punch out for lunch…..(there is nowhere to go on my shift during a lunch break, especially a thirty minute one.  So I heated up my dinner and am blogging).

Finals at school are next week for Lori.  She has been crazy busy and the students who didn’t bother to show up or put in any effort, missing assignments and quizzes now wondering what they can do to pass the class.  All of the year end duties are due at school as well the SLO’s (Student Learning Outcomes); flyers for next fall that Lori creates for the department since she was a graphic designer in her previous life).  There is also a field trip to Huntington Garden she is required to be at on Saturday.  Dale and I may be going, really depends on that great niece.

My brother Dale is staying with us in our teeny tiny house.  It is working out very well actually.  He is busy looking for work and is already got a few things lined up.  Lori is a dear and gave up her office which is also her closet.  We are all getting along quite well for such a small place and its a bonus that Dale is a great cook!

Just a quickie update on my mandatory lunch break which moves my shift out to 10:30 pm!    I should be home by midnight (unless of course my great niece makes her debut…..Clearly she already has the family wrapped around her)


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