Progressing/Not Progressing

This is it for the house.  Tomorrow or more likely Wednesday it will be done.  The new owner and his wife are currently staying at a hotel and my broker asked me tonight if they could park the trailer full of furniture in the driveway as it would be safer to which I said OF COURSE!

The paperwork arrived Friday while I was at work.  So Saturday afternoon I took it to the UPS store, signed and had the documents notarized and shipped back to Washington.

It is bitter sweet, but all and all I am relieved this is over and the selling of the house “knock on wood” went off without any problems.  Even if we end up retiring back up to the Pacific North West, that place was just too big.

There is still no great niece to share.  She is hold up in her mommy playing mermaid.  The actual due date was last Saturday the 21st.  I have been telling her to have the baby on the 25th since I found out the due date last October.  My mom’s birthday was the 25th and that would be so cool.

So even though at the Dr. today my niece was still only 1cm dilated, I have complete faith that the universe and my great niece have listened and will be here on Wednesday!  If all else fails, they are scheduled to induce by this time next week.  But like I said I have faith!

All that is left is politics.  They don’t seem to be progressing either.   I am fed up and pretty much avoiding facebook and most news for that reason.  Most of my news come from NPR, the local LA station so I was surprised when I read something on facebook about NPR not covering the issues honestly.

I guess there were some “fake” issues at an event in Arizona.  I didn’t even know what they were since I don’t watch CNN and the NPR station I listen to, during the hours of my commute, has not talked about it.  I just have no idea.  All I know are form things “shared” on facebook and then I end up down the rabbit hole of hateful comments and I am just shutting it all out at this point.

So many lies.  Lies about Bernie Sanders, lies about Hillary Clinton.  I am saddened and sickened all at the same time.

Instead I am rejoicing in my house selling.  Anticipating my new great niece.  Focusing on being a better me from one day to the next.

5 Responses to “Progressing/Not Progressing”

  1. V_Lo Says:

    I now know a little more…. A little. After asking three people at work and none of them knowing I asked my brother when I got home.

    So now I know this event was in Nevada, not Arizona. And that the DNC chair called a vote to close voting early and basically went against the majority vote. And then lied about needing an escort to her car………

  2. Katherine Says:

    There’s more to it than even that, but I’m sympathetic about the overload of nastiness everywhere and the desire to avoid it. I keep reminding myself that when power structures are challenged, those structures are not likely to welcome the change and will pull out all the stops, including spreading misinformation, to keep their power. Since the dominant power structures control the larger media orgs (including, sadly, NPR), one has to be skeptical of the “news” those orgs broadcast. It’s great that people feel passionate about political things, but that passion can lead folks to a) selective uptake of information that confirms their own biases and b) a rush to judgement before facts are known. Democracy is messy; the alternative is blind acceptance or fanatacism. I’ll choose the mess, and just try every day to be discriminating in the information I take in, share information with the intent that it will be informative and educational rather than to slam anyone, and challenge my own assumptions and bias along with everyone else’s. Some days I’m better at this than others.

    • V_Lo Says:

      And I knew I could count on you for the wise voice of reason!! Love You.

      • Katherine Says:

        Sorry my post sounds like such a lecture! Katherinesplaining!

      • V_Lo Says:

        Not a lecture. Just clear. I don’t have a lot of “friends” on facebook. But those that I do, post lots of stuff. Pro-Bernie; Pro-Hillary; every repost from Occupy Democrats and other agencies.

        I hadn’t been on facebook much and then when I did got down a mean thread about all the lies about Hillary and the media and then the biting, seriously nasty comments about another human being. Ugh.

        At least there are no Bernie “haters” people who don’t agree with some of his positions but they (at least in my feed I’ll admit) are not nasty against him as a human.

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