Packing (practice)

We packed or rather “practiced packing” on Saturday.  It was like packing for camp…  2 pair of pants, 2 pair of capri’s, 2 pair of shoes, 4-6 shirts……  Granted I took skirts not capri’s and only 1 pair of pants but exchanged a dress for the other pair.

We picked up these Eagle Creek packing cubes that were recommended by Rick Steves travel site. That is where we got our packing list from too.packing cubeIt was amazing just how these things worked.  You fold everything to fit in the space of the folding board, then you wrap the sides around the clothes and they do not move!

We packed everything into two backpacks and each also included a few extras from the list and I still have lots of room in the backpack (that photo below is my packed bag.)   By pre-packing and settling on what color schemes we were going with we could be sure we had the weekend to pick up any last minutes items we needed.

We leave next week and will pack for real this weekend, although everything is still in the pack from last weekend, just a few things that I will wear and launder and re-pack before we go.



One Response to “Packing (practice)”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Very excited for you both!

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