The (non)eating episode 

Let’s try a little mobile update.  

The plane ride was uneventful. Luckily we had dinner at the airport before we left because the food served was not really edible. 

Lori had signed us up for the vegetarian option, hoping for less allergens and such. However they were more vegan.  Dinner was rice that may have been good when it was first made but after siting in a steaming tray to stay warm was pretty mushy.  The tofu and eggplant were in even worse condition from all the steam. 

After eight hours of the lights out and Lori dozed off and on and I got half that much sleep, the lights on the plane came up. 

Breakfast was served of yogurt two fresh rolls, cheese, butter and jam.  Except for ours which had no cheese, no butter, no fresh rolls (a cold packaged one instead) we also got a dole fruit cup. 

We got to Zurich and found the shuttle van to the hotel, checked in and went for a walk about and to look for dinner.  

We settled on a place up the block, luckily some of the items had English subtitles.  We were able to point and order and had dinner.

Without any sleep and everything turned upside down we ended up falling asleep earlier then we wanted and were wide awake at 2am. Lori got back to sleep about 4 and I did the same about 6. 

We had a shuttle scheduled at 10:30 to go the train. About 8:30 we wondered to this little cafe bakery we had seen the day before.  Took seats and could not read a thing on the menu.  We were able to order a cafe and a tea.  The waitress did not help, at all. 

After watching for a little bit, Lori ordered -pointed to the “mini morgen” and got a roll a croissant butter and jam. 

The whole time we are laughing at ourselves that we are going to lose weight on the trip simply because we can’t order food. 

Off to the train, about an hour to Bern. Then a taxi to our hotel in Stettlen. We checked in and went for a little walk to get to know the area.  The only resturant is the one at our hotel.  So we stopped in and they had closed at 2pm and were not open again until 6. 

We wondered around found the train station and planned out route for tomorrow to Trubschachen.  We waited for the tiny grocery to open for a couple hours in the afternoon and got a snack of cheese and bread and salami and had ourselves a little picnic 20 hours after our last meal before taking what was going to be just a little nap and was over three hours. 

We did get dinner about 8, and had a lovely walk looking at all the local homes and gardens.  Photos later as they are on my camera and not my phone.  

I think we are now acclimated to the time. Hoping that three hour nap doesn’t end up having me awake again in the middle of the night.   We are aiming for a very early train tomorrow so I guess if I’m awake, I’ll just start getting ready for the day. 

3 Responses to “The (non)eating episode ”

  1. salpal1 Says:

    oh dear! I wonder if you can get the internet to translate some menu items for you? Years ago (before smart phones!) I was in Germany trying to buy some beautiful embroidery kits from a shop keeper who spoke not a word of English. My German ran to “Have you a room with a bath?” so was little use. We passed my German/English dictionary back and forth and had a fun time sorting out what I wanted and if she had it. I hope you get to a place where not having a clue who is saying what becomes fun. 🙂

  2. Says:

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