Poor shoe choices and possible broken toe. Yep!

I have to admit I have found I am ill prepared in the shoe department for this trip. 

I want to blame Rick Steves and all of his lists and check offs for this trip but I am sure it is more my own failings. 

In the list of two pants, two capri, four shirts, ect….   I choose two basic color pallets to bring and wanting skirts or dresses instead of those pants and capris I took only one of each.  

At the last minute and more for the plane ride I decided to add a pair of yoga pants and tennis shoes, otherwise I would be here with only two beautiful pair of walking sandals. 

I have so far only worn the tennis shoes and the single pair of pants or the yoga pants because it has been raining (pouring really) since we got here. 

Today after we retuned from a day exploring in the rain, I took off my very wet tennis shoes and proceeded to turn and walk straight into the shower surround. My baby pig is swollen, blue and painful.

But do not fear, I will be fine and I have the tennis shoes. We did have a wonderful day on many trains traveling to Trubschachen and back. It was pouring so exploring didn’t really happen.  But the sun came out this afternoon as you can see in the view from our hotel room. 

2 Responses to “Poor shoe choices and possible broken toe. Yep!”

  1. salpal1 Says:

    So sorry about your toe – try to find a way to ice it, and put it up when you can. And OH! I love that beautiful view.

  2. Katherine Says:

    Oh no, your toe! As for the language, look in the app store on your phone for a translator app. I had one when I went to Italy and it really helped. Sorry about the food choices. I’ve learned on international flights not to try the special food options because they’re so limited. I do better picking out whatever I can eat from the standard options, and carry lots of protein bars and snacks to make up the difference.

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