The Villa and other news

The train rides today were long!   By the time we were on the third one I was nauseous from the motion and from so much cigarette smoke (to be clear not on the train but everywhere else.)

However Char met us at the train station along with others arriving from Munic and Venice just after 1pm, everything started to look up after that. 

We got to the villa, chose our room and wondered around marveling.  We sat outside visiting for a while then everyone broke off for an afternoon nap, some had travelled from Seattle just that day. The rest of the guests arrived by evening and the twelve of us had a lovely dinner outside. 

We got to know one another and talk about the plan for the next two weeks while we are here.   Tomorrow morning we head out on a walking tour of Verona and are having our first sketching class in town. 

While showing pictures of my great niece Coral to my friend Char I happened across a photo of Lori and I getting married last Thursday. (Suprise!!!!!!) Since she then announced (with permission) to ten relative strangers I thought I would fill you all in as well. 

A few shots of the villa when we first arrived, after that when we were all getting to know each other over a few bottles of wine my phone and camera were upstairs. But I’m sure there will be more photos in the next two weeks.  For now I’m heading to bed, a packed day ahead awaits us!

4 Responses to “The Villa and other news”

  1. -br Says:


  2. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    Congratulations! from Seattle

  3. salpal1 Says:

    Wow! Good job keeping a secret. 😀 Congratulations to you both- may you enjoy long and happy years. Enjoy the honeymoon!

  4. Katherine Says:

    Finally we can call this trip a proper honeymoon! The villa looks beautiful. Thanks for the updates–keep them coming. (Now to read the next one)

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