Juliets balcony

This evening we headed into Verona.   After a day of practicing pen and ink exercises it was great to get up and move around. 

Char pointed out the Montague complex as we were walking around and later the Capulets.  There is no proof of Romeo or Juliet but the families were real.

Either way the balcony is a huge tourist site and way to crowded to get in or take pictures.   I remember when I was here in 93(?) with Diane and our tour stopped it was nearly empty and I got great photos that day.

Thankfully because today there were none…….except

There is a walkway going into the courtyard, the walls are completely covered is writing.   Chars husband Dave hoisted Lori up on his shoulders so she could write way above the other writing ….Valria and Lori


2 Responses to “Juliets balcony”

  1. Claudia shanle Says:

    Love your blog! Thanks for sharing your day!

  2. Della Says:


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