San Cassiano Winery

It thundered and lighting all night last night and into most of the day.  In the middle of the night when it would wake me up and I was half asleep I would have the briefest hurray thinking it was Southern California before realizing the rain falling was not going to help the drought back home. 

We had our watercolor class out on the loggia again.   The owner of the villa then brought by eight or so basalmic vinegars for a tasting.  Explaining the process that they use to make them and the number of years each takes.  Most were a minimum of eight years and six different barrel changes to smaller barrels as the vinegar consentrates.  

Just as the rain cleared up, the vans showed up and took us a little ways away to a local wine maker.  We didn’t really get to tour the vineyards because everything was so wet and muddy.  We walked up the hill to one orchard and he explained the different grapes and two different methods of growing. We did however get to see the wine making facility and the underground storage area before going into the showroom for a private tasting. 

We are back at the villa now, I’m quite sleepy from all the wine but that probably isn’t too bad since we leave early tomorrow morning for a day trip to Mantova. 

More on that tomorrow …..

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