Montova on a Monday

We were all up and gone by 8:30 this morning.  We were on our way to the 9:30 train to Montova.  The day started with a little drama as half our group is taking a side trip tomorrow to Florance and were getting the tickets for that and barely made the train the rest of us were waiting on.  Quite an exciting start to the day. 

Once we got there we high tailed it to the meeting spot of our tour guide.  The next couple hours she went through the history, churches, piazzas and gardens. However it was Monday so most of the shops and all of the museums were closed.  The tour  guide was fantastic however and very knowledgable.  Luckily for us because it was Monday the places she did take is were virtually empty.

Lori and I had a lovely lunch and wondered around for a bit before being back at the train station two entire hours early for our meet up time.  We did have our sketchbooks with us and spent a while drawing. 

I have a bunch of photos of the building facades on my camera.  I don’t have any inside the churches although I sure wanted to.   The sign inside the door said no cameras or cell phones.  Not just flashes like some places but actually no cameras. Others in our group still took photos but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. My mantra this week has been “we all share space differently” so I just kept telling myself that as they snapped photos. 

I did get a couple artsy shots on my phone so I could use them in tomorrow’s water color class. (They won’t seem to upload on this mobile platform so I reduced the resolution – hoping they will look ok on your end)

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