Trains and Taxis

We left the villa yesterday in the van to the train station. 

Char had given us some 10Euro discount coupons for the train.  Unfortunately you had to go up to the counter and not use the automatic machine.  The que was so long I just got our tickets to Milan from the machine. 

The train to Milan was very full and took several hot hours to get to Milan. 

That’s where things got fun!!!!  We got tickets from the machine for the Malpensa airport as we were staying at a hotel pretty close to there.  Then we waited for the platform to be announced. 

When one train time had come and gone without a platform (nothing surprising as time in Italy is “a theory” per Char) we found someone to ask.  He just shrugged and said he didn’t know they were on strike. ??!!!??

So the next train was up on the board again with no platform.  We waited for a bit and Lori asked a different, slightly more helpful guy who told her they have no idea if or when the train will show up because they are on strike.  Our best bet was to go out front and take a taxi. 

Taxi we did!!   After 40 minutes and €90 later he dropped us off and said it was right around the corner.  I got the backpack back on and we gathered our things but the only thing around the corner was a Gellato stand.  We turned around and the taxi driver got directions from someone and took us circling around side streets and roundabouts for about five minutes before finding our hotel. 

Luckily the hotel had a free shuttle to the airport this morning that was only 10 minutes away.  

The hotel didn’t have much else.  To get internet you had to get a code off the tv in your room.  However ours would not turn on, the room did have airconditionong which was a plus.  

We showered off the train and at 7 (earliest time the restaurants open for dinner) we walked to a local place and had dinner. 

We are now all checked in for our flight home.  

(Photo courtesy of our new friend Marisa)

5 Responses to “Trains and Taxis”

  1. Marisa andresco Says:

    Greetings from Venice, I am so sorry you had such an ordeal getting to your hotel in Milan. I too spent hours at the train station due to the strike, all the regional trains not running. I had to upgrade my ticket in order to get a train, after queuing for at least an hour, with many angry travellers and spending an extra 18 euros I eventually got on a train at 1.30pm. The weather here is very warm and is so much busier than when I was here at the beginning of the month.

    Enjoy Milan xxx

    • V_Lo Says:

      Enjoy your last few days in Venice! Paint!

      Sorry you were delayed as well. We are back in the states now. XOXO

  2. salpal1 Says:

    so getting home will be as much of an adventure as the trip was!

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