While in Switzerland we found that the public restroom was clean, monitored, co-ed and cost 2 francs.

McClean: You put a 2 franc coin into the slot and the sliding partition/doors open and you go in.  There is a row of urinals to the side, not out in the open.  There are the stalls and sinks in the main area.  The doors are full length and have lights indicating occupied or vacant above them.

It does not matter your gender.  There are not separate facilities.  There is also an attendant who keeps the place clean and addresses any problems in the stalls.  Two Francs seems like a high price to use a toilet.  However, they have to cover the attendant wages, repairs, supplies and rent for the place.

I was a big fan of these facilities.  What Lori liked was that if there was not a stall vacant,  the que was before the pay turnstiles and once someone left you could get in.  We found them clean and efficient and spent quite a few francs to pee in Switzerland.

(I have no photos of the places but there are a few in the Link above)

I think the US should move toward this model.

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