Well we have been back a week (actually only six days) and boy did that go fast!  So much is already crammed into our schedules it is a reminder of why we took the three weeks away.

Along with ordinary everyday things like laundry, grocery shopping and Work a few other items have cropped up this week.
Sunday we bought a refrigerator from Sears Outlet on-line.  They have such good prices on “scratch and dent” items.  In Washington this is exactly how I bought my fridge and paid a third of the list price.

This one was delivered yesterday while I was at work and Lori was out visiting a friend.  My brother was home to take delivery and move everything from one to the other.  It is so much bigger then the one that was there.  We live in a very small house, which just amplifies the size.  But it fits, and it is a great fridge and was 40% less than one without a dent on the door.IMG_4177
My dear friend and co-worker Albert was in town for work on Wednesday and Thursday.  I get off work at 10:00 pm and we met up at a bar close to work on Wilshire and Rodeo for some yummy and super spendy cocktails (location location location.)  It was fantastic to visit with him.
Lori and I went to Eldorado Park on Wednesday and as we pulled in my car made a grinding sound.  It sounded to me like the wheel rotor and instead of going for a walk we turned around and drove to the dealership.  While they checked out the car (it was due for the 45K maint anyway) we took a less thrilling walk than at the park but a walk none the less.

I left there with a loaner Mazda 3 that had five miles on it and they have had my car for two days putting new brakes on it.  (parts were delayed)
Today we met Coach John for Tennis lessons.  These too have been set up since we got home less than a week ago.  I was a little unsure when we started.  Not of taking lessons but of this “kid” and his approach.   As it turns out it was a lot of fun and the muscle memory from high school was more accessible than I thought.
So here we are one week from vacation; we have bought and installed a fridge; Lori started taking a Tuesday night class; started tennis lessons; had a car go down and get repaired; visited with old friends and I worked all week!  July has started and we already have the three-day weekend looking pretty full.

Saturday I have boot camp at 8:00 and we are taking the old fridge out to the girls.
Sunday I am on the waitlist as the class is full but we are also going to see Emily and visit and show our vacation photos.
Monday I am taking the 6:00 am boot camp because we are having breakfast with Alice and we have a Skype date in the evening!
And since we are out of weekend, the next one’s schedule has started with a five-hour first aid/CPR class for us both since our certifications have both expired.

Time to start planning the next vacation!!!!!






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