The addiction is real folks

One of the items that was on the “must have” art supply list was a pen.  Fountain pen, not expensive, from Japan, super fine, waterproof and of course available from Amazon.

Lori bought us each a pen and extra cartridges before we left.  It is everything it was claimed to be.  While we were in Italy I gave mine to a sweet sweet woman on our trip, Marisa.  She had lost hers in Venice on the few days before meeting up in Verona.  I had other waterproof pens with me and could also use Lori’s pen.

However after getting home and looking for more drawing and painting supplies I bought myself two more.  Yes two.  One to keep in my new pen cup/carrying container that I also bought and one to keep in my bag for spontaneous drawing.  (Cause I’m like that now….ha ha ha ha)

So many of the folks on the trip had enviable art supplies that I found myself buying another sketchbook (needed obviously since mine is almost done); travel pen case that opens up and stands for easy access; a whole new paint pallet (!); and two of these pens.


3 Responses to “The addiction is real folks”

  1. Marisa andresco Says:

    I am so pleased that you replaced the pen. I use mine everyday and think of you each time. I have also ordered the pencil case which still hasn’t arrived. Thanks again for being an awesome friend x

    • V_Lo Says:

      Awe!! See now you can never forget me, mission accomplished.

      So happy to have you as a friend as well.

  2. New Paint | V-Lo's View Says:

    […] The addiction is real folks […]

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