Babies in a row

Not real babies, dummy babies, not dumb babies, cpr test dummy babies. 

Lori and I took a six hour CPR coarse today.  This was a class for healthcare professionals given by the Red Cross.  A lot harder and three times longer than the last one I took.   Happy to say we passed, as  I don’t think everyone did and some of those were current health care peeps.  

I became our team leader, clearly I am miss bossy pants.  It helps though in those situations. I told one young lady who is in nursing school to put on her bossy pants. 

She was on a team with two current nurses, all the other teams had passed the adult section and this was their last chance.  It wasn’t looking good as niether of the nurses had the direction to lead the team.  She decides on this last try to be the first responder, that’s when I went up and told her to put on her bossy pants.  They passed, but all three women were passive individuals and they almost didn’t. 

I have taken the adult CPR before and boy was I glad a couple years later when I needed it.  But taking control of the scene is more important than ya think.  Perhaps my history gave me that bossy edge. 

All these skills and information, hoping to never have to use it but I know I could if I had to. 

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