The weekend is over.  It seemed to take forever to get here do in part to my being on call the weekend before.

But get here it did and I’m sad to say its over and I’m on call again next weekend.  They are usually not so close together but one was a trade for someone taking my June (I can’t do it I’m out of the country) weekend.

There has been so much stress with both sides of our family lately.  Without going into details or names lets just say two marriages of 34 and 39 years fell apart in the same week.  One has a party attempting to kill the other and being put in jail.  One has a party having had what is coming out as a much longer then admitted to affair, moving out destroying so many people and ideals in the path.

My sister was front and center in helping the party who’s life was in peril.  Watching out for her and taking to court to file restraining orders.  This all on top of a very stressful two months of mediation for custody and court and a final ruling in favor of my niece for baby Coral.

All of that background to say its been super stressful so we went to the spa this weekend!  Me, Lori, my sister Della, Lori’s ‘sister’ Vicky and God-daughter.  We had massages, and a lovely lunch and pedicures.  There was some Jacuzzi time by several members of our group.  We all then went to Vicky’s and made dinner, drank wine and trashed talked about her some day ex-husband to be and ogled over the now clean and emptying house.  We then drove my sister home and got back to our place about midnight…..

That drive is another whole story.  We were going to drive out at 7am and pick up Della and bring her to the spa.  Then she would be driving Lori’s truck home for my niece.  We were up at 7:00 a.m. and the truck would not start.  Nope.  It was fine on Thursday when we moved it into the driveway for the street sweeper but nope, it just cranked and wouldn’t turn over.  We are thinking fuel pump but it just goes to show the time to buy a new car was here and maybe this truck is not what my niece should be driving. 

Sunday we had a lot on the list.  We did not get up as early as we planned, so the yard work before it gets hot was immediately removed from the list.  We got up and Lori made us breakfast, we ran a few errands, got groceries and I made us dinner.  Just another “regular” weekend in our crazy life.

Speaking of crazy….this little bug is already two months old.



2 Responses to “Weekend-ings”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Glad to see a post–I was starting to worry. Sounds like we need a proper catch-up! What a cutie Coral is!

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