Desk Cholula


The post about hot sauce that has very little to do with hot sauce.

I stopped at Vons yesterday on my way to work.  It is close by and I had a few minutes.  My goal was Cholula.  The bottle I keep in my desk had run out last week.
(New bottle pictured actually lives in the desk)  So that is it about the Cholula.

However Vons is another post.  Or rather grocery stores in general.  I was completely struck by the size, quantity and variety in the store.  I used up every last extra minute searching.  Perhaps if I had come in at the other end of the store it would have only taken me a moment because there it was at the back of that last/first isle.

I shop regularly, weekly for groceries.  Mostly at Trader Joes and Sprouts.  These two stores together serve 95% of my grocery needs.  There are a few things I pick up at Costco, which is why the size of this Vons should not have been so overwhelming.

But it was.  I think because even at Costco, there are actually fewer choices.  There may be olives or hot sauce, but there are not 30 kinds.  Same with Trader Joes or Sprouts.  If you have ever shopped there if you are looking for item _____, you will find it and maaaaybe one other variety but for the most part if you are looking for stone ground mustard, there it is one kind, one size, one choice.  It really does make shopping easier.

It’s not as if I have never shopped at Safeways, or Fred Meyers, or QFCs or any other big chain.  It’s just that is not my “norm” and hasn’t been for quite a while.  In Washington I shopped at Trader Joes and Fred Meyer.  Which I admit is much bigger then Sprouts.

I like my little stores, maybe it s sign of my getting older.  Maybe its just I don’t have that kind of time to spend going up and down the isles, or even just around the perimeter anymore.  And I no longer need thirty mustards, one will do.

Granted this size Cholula will last much longer then the one I can get at Sprouts…..

2 Responses to “Desk Cholula”

  1. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    When my son worked at Seattle’s Best Coffee, he had trips to California to set up coffee places in stores. He said that Von’s was the Safeway of WA State. So, do you have Safeway down there as well?

  2. -br Says:

    nice red swingline in your office space there

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