Work Weekend

I am on call this weekend.  I am actually still working.   My client proofs are out and I am waiting on either additional edits or my co-worker to get into the office and take the work for his Monday shift (third shift). 

I am feeling lucky however.  Not that I had eleven hours yesterday or am already at twelve for today but that a different co-worker covered both mornings for me from 7-12.

It gave me both weekend mornings.  We made the best of our time yesterday.  Headed to the beach for breakfast and a walk!

I also was able to clear out a big bag of clothes from my closet and Lori did some housework.  Once my clients started up though my projects home stopped in the middle. 

Sunday wasn’t nearly as productive, probably because I worked until 2:00 am and was tired this morning. 

We did go to breakfast and stopped at world market to pick up new towel hooks for the bathroom. 

Work started coming in the moment I took my turn at noon.  So Lori went and bought paint for the bathroom and other errands all while I worked. 

It’s almost midnight and third shift will be showing up any time.  At this point I’m just rambling to keep myself awake. 

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