All ‘my’ babies are having babies

No I didn’t have any actual babies of my own.  But I had nieces, I helped care for a little girl who for a time I really wanted to be her mom, and then there is my Godson.

So today my Godson became a dad, little Boston was born this morning.


So happy and excited for my handsome boy, even though I haven’t seen him in quite a while!

Then today I also found out my little Sara had her third baby, a little girl named McKinley seven weeks ago.


You might know Brennan from my post seven years ago…now he has two little sisters.  When I was emailing her today, she mentioned she still has the blanket I made him.  Good to know they last that long.

I am currently working on one for Boston, a little behind because I didn’t get started until we returned from Italy.  I was finishing up the one for little Coral before I left and so far Taylor has been using it as the back drop for her monthly photos.

Its one thing when the children in your life grow up and you have to start thinking of them as grown ups and not kids.  But somehow they still are kids.  Until they start having their own.  Hooo Boy, I must be getting up there.  Crocheting everyone blankets like the good grandma-aged person I am.

2 Responses to “All ‘my’ babies are having babies”

  1. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    So sweet!

  2. Boston’s Blanket is done | V-Lo's View Says:

    […] All ‘my’ babies are having babies […]

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