Blue Cut Fire

I was watching the Blue Cut fire via live stream from ABC 7 today.  Couldn’t stop actually.

The fire is powerful and the helicopter kept going back to parts he had been before so I was watching it progress from my desk.  I watched the fire both obey the retardant line and completely disregard and jump it as well.  I could see firefighters battling around structures and helicopters both picking up water from the lake and dropping it on the fire.

These photos I “took” with my mouse from the ABC7 feed, so they should have photo credit.

This fire is out near the girls.  Not close enough right now to worry, but it is complete decimating the area Lori grew up in and that is sad.

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#BlueCutFire #ABC7 #FireDevistation

One Response to “Blue Cut Fire”

  1. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    So horrible! Last night I attended a party thanking people for working at Renton River Days. There was a gal there who just hired on with the City — Parks Dept., I think. She and husband just moved from SanDiego where her home burned down last year when that hunter was trying to get the attention of someone with a fire and it got out of control. What a terrible accident — but nothing like the guy who has been SETTING THOSE FIRES!! (Still she lost her home like so many others.)

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