Weekend Purge

We had a very very busy weekend.  Very, did I say busy.  Very busy weekend.

Saturday morning we drove down to Irvine to help friends purge the garbage and overgrown plants left behind by the departing (departing…not departed) husband.  He moved in with the new girlfriend after 25 years of marriage, thirty-nine years together.

When he couldn’t fit the rest of his belongings into the apartment they rented after leaving their marriages or the storage unit he rented for his belongings and shopping/hording issue, he said it was now their problem.

Friday before work I made a macaroni salad and grilled chicken legs to take to the work party on Saturday.  There were five other people coming besides us to help.  I made enough food for everyone.

So Saturday we had a 15 foot truck reserved at U-Haul.  Expecting to have it for two days however the dump was not open on Sundays so we managed to get it back before 5pm and only pay for one day.

The “party” started about 9:00 and after we picked up the truck and got there they were well into the clearing out and stacking stage.  A dump stack, at donation stack and keeping stack.  The smallest stack was the keep.  There were tarps on the lawn for giving away and dumping.

With enough hands to sort and load, Lori and I started in the yard.  He had a tropical plant obsession.  Most of these plants were in pots however all of these plants had broken through and were growing in the ground.  One tree had a tap root that was bigger around then my thigh.  It was growing across the path and under the foundation.

Once we dug that one out, it took three of us to get it into the truck.  In fact although we worked in the yard for five straight hours, we barely got one side dug out.  Others were helping to take all the abandoned and broken items from the back yard to the truck and I estimate when we left for the dump, we were only half way done with the small yard.

While Lori and I were at the dump, the others loaded up all the donation stuff and took it to Goodwill.  It took Lori and I an hour to unload the truck.  Not the getting there, waiting in line, getting back.  But the actual dumping took us nearly an hour.  The weight at the end was well over 3,000 pounds.  We dumped 600 pounds shy of TWO-TONS of garbage.

We got back to the house and the group was still working and sweeping things up.  Putting away the keep items and reorganizing the garage.  We took the truck back to be returned and then when we got back it was just our friends, my sister, us and the soon to be EX-husbands mother (who was there the whole weekend and worked her butt off).

We ate the food I brought and then we went through the house.  Lori had instructed her to make a list of all the things they had been waiting for him to fix.  We took pictures and measurements and made a plan for Sunday.

By the time we got home, there was only energy for showers and sleep.  We headed back out on Sunday morning and pulled into their place about 8:30.  Already they were bagging up more garbage and sweeping up.

We took them to Home Depot, having never been it was both a shopping trip for the day’s projects and an initiation into how the hardware store works and how to figure out what to buy.    Once we got back to their place Lori replaced the dryer vent hose.  Taking apart the machine to clear out rat nesting in it along with lint as the old hose wasn’t attached.  We also fixed the house number sign outside and removed the hokey one that had been put up as a temporary fix.  Fixed the chips in the porcelain kitchen sink.  Fixed the shower handle so more then just turning water on and off could be done.  Fixed a light fixture hanging out of the closet ceiling.  Fixed the side gate outside so worked.

There were other projects we didn’t get to.  We have three new blinds to hang, also some bondo and sanding work on a chipped door frame.

Mid-day we headed back outside to pull more plants, busted pots and other “treasures” we found.  Lori, myself and his mother filled two large tarps with green waste up to waist high.  We got home a  little earlier, 7 or so.  Showers and a little television zoning while I crocheted.

Next weekend we will conquer the rest of the yard and probably revisit the dump experience.  We do have a lovely garden palate and easy maintenance, non invasive plan we will also be putting in.  And if you have read this far, wow….here are some pictures.




3 Responses to “Weekend Purge”

  1. salpal1 Says:

    Holy cow – what good friends you are. Your friend is not going to realize how burdened she was until she lives without all his baggage! She will feel so light and good in her space, I am sure.

  2. Katherine Says:

    You two are angels. Spent an hour and a half two weekends ago in 80 degree heat helping a friend do something very similar (clear out a house/yard after the hoarding ex was out) and I was pooped! Two full days is a real gift.

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