Wednesday Already!

The weekend was a whirlwind.  Kind of a repeat of the weekend before yet somehow more exhausting.

Saturday we were down to Irvine at the U-Haul place by 8:00 a.m.  Picked up the first of many Home Depot loads for the weekend.  This one included 30 bags of rock and 20 pavers along with some mulch.  They loaded the U-Haul with a forklift.  We got to out destination and unloaded all of the gear and proceeded to fill the U-Haul with the yard waste.

The previous week we filled the 15 footer with stuff from the yard and garage, we really thought a 10 footer would be enough this week.  We were holding a wall of green waste in with shelving panels while Lori tossed more over the top.  The only way it could have been any fuller is if we stood that truck on its nose and filled it from the top.

Once we dumped the stuffed truck of green waste we headed back to Home Depot and picked up part of the plants, weed block and other items.  We thought we would get some of the planting in on Saturday but there was just still so much clean up.

We managed to get the clean up nearly completed, weed block down on the two side yards and the pavers and mulch/rock laid.  This included another trip to Home Depot for 12 more bags of mulch.  By the time we left Saturday night we foolishly though Sunday would be mostly planting, a breeze with most of the plants already on site.

Sunday….Not a breeze.  There are established trees and bougainvillea (which were cut down to nothing so they could be wire trained) these have all been watered on a drip system which is a very shallow way to water so all of the roots stay near the surface.  This made a fabric or net like maze of roots we were trying to dig through to plant.  Along with the clay; seriously I think we could throw pots with it kind of clay.  We picked up gypsum and added it in to every hole we managed to dig and spread the rest on top to break down the clay.  It takes a while to work but should help overtime.

Sunday included a couple more trips for mulch, more mulch, potting soil and at the end of the very long day four pots plant in as there were no holes to be dug by the trees.

My fit bit had 20,000 steps on Saturday and a couple hundred shy of 25,000 on Sunday.  I have zero before picture of the back yard!  But here is the finished garden.



8 Responses to “Wednesday Already!”

  1. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    It is beautiful!!! Love reading about it — but — the pictures tell so much more!

  2. Katherine Says:

    Looks awesome, but no alternative to HD? Owner has endorsed Trump. 😦

    • V_Lo Says:

      Thanks. Ugh. No other option that wouldn’t add lots of extra miles and gas… with as many trips as we made to the literally right around the corner at least 200-300 extra miles.

  3. callahoneydo Says:

    Beautiful job.. lots of steps on your Fitbit.. I did 27,000 last weekend 🙂

  4. Good weekend, lots of Sun | V-Lo's View Says:

    […] the space as their own.  Then Lori put in a drip irrigation system in the back yard, into the same garden we put in last August.  We need to go back and add some more drippers but that should be pretty […]

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