“Labor Day”

Rather Labor Weekend for me.  I am on call this weekend.  Luckily I had a co-worker cover for me on Saturday and Sunday mornings, simply because we are busy.  This meant I got to start in the afternoon and only had to put in 8 and 10 hour days on Saturday and Sunday.  Today however I have been in the office for 12 hours already and these clients are not any closer to clearing to print.

After 1 year of being back here I am already wondering when exactly I will be laid off.  There are changes, radical changes happening.  The boss I came back for, her last day is December 1.  After twenty-five or thirty years.  Offices are closing, systems changing and moral low.  The common gossip that I try try try to stay out of is “when is it our turn.”

I am not as scared to loose the job this time.  Mostly because I survived last time and more importantly I have held other jobs since working here and I am very fortunate to have a great support system.

Needless to say, I’ve been thinking about “what” I would want to do.  A question I’ve never really been able to answer.  However I’m getting some clarity and although it is scary to think of this big of a change here are the two things I am looking at.

Getting a degree in nutritional science or nutrition and fitness.  Looks like this will take a couple years to accomplish so I would need to stay working somewhere while I worked on this.  It is also quite spendy but quite a few career paths to take it in.

The other thing is a yoga certificate.  That program is less expensive, takes less time and holds no assurance I would find a position that would support me.  It would be easier to find a part time gig and build from there.  The two certificates I’m looking at both take 3-6 months and include a two hour class nearly every day.  This would be easier to fit in to full time work.

Still looking into accreditations and costs.  Also finding a yoga studio to practice in as the proficiency needed to get into the program is higher then my current practice level.

Exciting thoughts…. but for now I have more work that just landed  (looks like another late night)


One Response to ““Labor Day””

  1. Katherine Says:

    I know someone who got certified as a yoga instructor over the last year. Happy to connect you with her if you want to talk about her process and the reality of building a practice afterward. Looking forward to hearing more what’s happening and what’s next!

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