Boston’s Blanket is done

When we got back from vacation this Summer I reached out to my dear friend Diane to find out when her grandson was due to arrive and what colors the parents (my God-son and his fiancé) were decorating the nursery in.

Well the galaxy/space was my general take on it so I went for something that would look like the night sky.  I also got some silvery white yarn to make stars out of.  In my head it worked out so much better than in real life.

Making big stars about an inch tall is easier to do.  But they were way too big for this blanket.  I made these stars much smaller, but they ended up looking more like flowers.  oops.

I wasn’t sure how many to put on as to not overwhelm the blanket and backed each one up with one on the opposite side so they match.

I sent this off in the mail today and included a note that they are more than welcome to snip them off if they don’t like them.  (Color is hard to capture in the photo)

Now I’m working on for Paola who is due in less than a month.  Gender unknown so I went with the pretty white=green=blue yarn.





One Response to “Boston’s Blanket is done”

  1. Diane Kennedy Says:

    I love it! Boston will love it too 🙂 Thank you!

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