Yoga+Schedule+Prep+to much stuff

This became one of those blogs that I tried to cram to much into……kinda like the day in general!

We found a yoga studio this weekend.  It isn’t super close, but its closer than any others to our house.  That really is not to descriptive is it?  Well besides being a 30 minute drive on surface streets (the one closest to us), there are two others further away we can also go to.

This is nice on weekends if we want to go to the beach, but maybe hit yoga before or after.  It is also close to a couple friends that we used to meet in the middle in Anaheim on Sunday mornings for yoga.  So a slight possibility there as well as being closer to school.

Anyhow.  We went to yoga on both Sunday and Monday.  I really like the studio.  It is modern and still simple without being one of those studios where there is a single room, one restroom, no place to gather for the next class and classes are limited to before and after the “normal” work hours.  This place has classes all day, there are two studio’s so the classes stagger and are not to far apart.  Some of the mid day classes are even less expensive that the “normal” times.

My schedule is not normal and Lori’s is even further from normal than that.  I found out last Friday afternoon that someone was needed in Denver and my co-worker ended up with the short straw.  Mostly because he was the last one in an the last one to answer “no”.  That did mean that my schedule is later again this week.

I don’t mind the going in later….its the getting home later that messes with my schedule.  Today I wanted to go to the early morning Fit Body workout so I could go to a 9:15 yoga.  Except that didn’t happen.  After getting to bed about 2am, I was not interested it trying to get to the gym by 6:00.  So instead I went to my usual 9:00 a.m. Fit Body class.

I went home after class so I could see and talk to Lori for 10 minutes before she left for school.  We may actually “work” the same evening hours but with my changing schedule and her office hours and meetings during the week we are lucky to have one day like yesterday where we went to yoga and breakfast.  Usually its “Hi, how was your day yesterday, see you tomorrow”

Once she left for school today I went and washed my car.  It was covered in pitch from parking under the tree all weekend.  Then to Costco for a few items.  Then to get gas.  Once home I put away the Costco items and then made banana bread with some over ripe bananas we had.  Then cooked some chicken breasts to get us through the week.  Then made a big salad for the week as well.  Once all of that was done and everything cleaned up I got ready for work and still got to work thirty minutes before I needed to punch in….hence this long winded all over the place blog.

To wrap up:  Yoga good; food prepped for week; schedule off but making it work!  Long winded disjointed blog post done.

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