Weekend Away Zero Photos

I had to work late on Friday night, it just meant I didn’t spring out of bed to get an early start to our last minute road trip on Saturday.

We drove up to Paso Robles to see friends.  It was Deb’s birthday and they had just bought a new home up there.  It will be a rental by November but are spending all of the weekends up there until then.  They actually don’t live very far from us but this was not just to see them but celebrate the tough year they have had with selling one house and buying another.  In fact we hadn’t seen them since we finished putting landscaping in for them in May.

So we drove up and visited.  They drove us around to see the area and went to one of the many winery’s for a tasting.  I actually ended up buying four bottles for Thanksgiving that is upcoming.

We left there and headed down to Pismo beach but could not find a single available room for the night.  Instead we continued on to Santa Maria and got one of the last rooms at the Santa Maria Inn.  Slept well, Lori slept straight through the night with out all of the noise of our neighborhood to wake her.

Got up in the morning and texted friends in the area but didn’t hear back before breakfast so we headed out and found a nice spot…oh wait I have a breakfast photo
img_4633and then just when we were done we heard from them.  They actually live in San Jose but are in the area clearing out C’s mom’s house who passed away this Summer.  But we had a lovely catch up and visit and support/assvise for what they are dealing with since we seem to be pros at the clearing out houses at this point.

We hit the road to drive home and it would be redundant to say the traffic sucked coming in from the coast on a Sunday afternoon when the weather was 102 and 90 at the beach….so by the time we got home I logged right in to help at work again.  In wasn’t my on-call weekend (that is next weekend) but I knew my co-worker who had been in since morning had the first shift today.  He had asked me for help on Sunday and I let him know I would log in when I got home.

I worked until almost midnight and then had to be in at noon today.  I didn’t have time to call my friend Katherine…three weekends in a row, seriously I need to put in a alarm or schedule better or something.  Luckily Lori did all the laundry on Friday and I had gotten some groceries on Thursday.

Another week starts, noon-10:30 pm today and so you might as well call this Tuesday already.  On your mark get set go…..

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