There is crazy all over

Work is crazy busy.  I am used to this pace when we are in peak….but peak is a month away.  So it just seems ridiculous they are closing offices and laying people off but there you have it.

I personally think I am good until May of next year.  Based on the peak schedule, the work load and the projected rollout of new services.  (Maybe even beyond May but I am planning other adventures at this time.)

Adding to the crazy are people cramming in vacations in the “non peak” periods as they are not allowed during peak.  So Monday I had to be in early as two people were on vacation.  Now two others are on vacation for today through the next two weeks so I am working late.  I have the late second shift that turns to third and that is often a shift that has to work over.

But because I am working late I had some extra time today before coming to work.  I was able to fit in a walk before my boot camp class and then go pick up some starts for my fall garden.

What I have figured out and it only took a couple years, is that I can have a Fall, Winter and Spring gardens but Summer is just too hot in my backyard for a garden.  There just isn’t any shade at all on the plot.  Its still iffy right now as we had triple digits a couple days this week but at least its cooler this weekend and down to the mid 70’s at night.

I had to move my car early because of the street sweeper, I drove to the boot camp and took a walk around there before class.   Here are some pictures of while not quite my neighborhood, pretty darn close.




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