Tuesday night on my way home from work nearing midnight I was behind an impaired driver.  The driver was swerving.  Swerving in a manner that was almost farcical.  It appeared to be an over dramatization of swerving.  Not just in the lane we were traveling but a foot into the right lane, correct, a foot into the left lane, correct.  Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

My phone was in my bag and besides staying far enough behind that I could steer clear of a problem if he crashed I certainly wasn’t going to take my eyes off of him to call 911 even if I had the phone handy.

I stayed behind, as that just felt safer to me and at one point when the driver came close to a wall and corrected straight for a minute I went two lanes over and around leaving  the vicinity completely.

So Wednesday afternoon when I was driving to work mid day and came across another over correcting person and there wasn’t as much clear real estate on the freeway I still kept my distance.  Thinking the person was maybe falling asleep and not drunk.  My phone still in my bag even though I was going slow enough to get the plate if I wanted.

It was Wednesday night when there was clearly another impaired driver that I thought maybe I should blog about this ridiculousness.  This person was going soooo slow in the right lane, did not have on lights and was also over correcting I just got the hell out of there.

But today, today on my way to work was simply too much not to mention.  Traffic was creeping.  Little did we know that two lanes ahead were closed as we all inched along. I was in the right hand lane and beside a semi which was throwing some shade and since I couldn’t really go anywhere we just inched along together.  That is when I noticed the car in front of me.

Now this driver was impaired, but I don’t think drunk.  I think he was seriously tweaking on something.  He was squirming all over his front seat.  Reaching down to the floor board where he was no longer visible, drifting seriously all over his lane toward the jersey barrier and back.  Looking in the mirror, out the window, over his shoulder, onto the floor, his back seat…all while drifting around his lane and moving at about 4mp.

Then he drifted right into the semi truck.  I saw it all happen and was hanging back and nowhere near them considering they were right next to and in front of me.  He kind of bounced off the truck over corrected into his lane and nearly the wall again, checked his rear view mirror and kept on driving.

The Semi signaled to move over so I just hung back and made room.  Because we were all going to slow I watched the semi corral him with his truck and stop him.  The driver got out and checked the truck and was walking toward him as the impaired driver nervously walked/bounced/adjusted his pants toward him, never actually checking his own car and by then I had inched past them and closer to the lane closer that would free me up to get to work just in time.

Why?  Why all the impaired drivers in one week?  I don’t keep my phone out while I’m driving and don’t really want to get near enough to get a plate to report them.  What would you do?

2 Responses to “Impaired”

  1. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    What would I do? Probably the very same thing!

  2. salpal1 Says:

    I would hang back, but I would report them. That is just too crazy. good for the semi driver stopping him, I hope the police came and kept him from driving anymore that day.

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