Garden and Breakfast Therapy

I am was having a bad day.  I guess the eternal optimist in me slept in or something.  Maybe getting home late and then getting up early to go work out that is exactly what happened.

Before I got to the gym I got an annoying email or rather disappointing email from family.  Then once I was there and waiting for the work out to start it was announced that there wouldn’t be a class tomorrow.  Not all the classes however, the early morning classes that happen while I am sleeping and the evening classes that happen I am at work will happen, just not the 9:00 a.m.

This had already been a bone of contention for me.  I blame myself for not doing my homework and checking out the class schedule before I joined.  But I knew the trainer from my old gym and wanted to both workout with him and support his new gym.  However there are not enough classes that I can take to make it worth the money I paid.  After several conversations about it with him, there has been no change in his schedule.  Its a new business and I am stuck between sticking it out for his new growing business and taking care of myself .  There is another gym the exact same distance from our house 4.1 miles.  AT that gym there are 10 classes that fit into my weekday schedule as opposed to the 4 that I currently backfill with hikes and yoga.    This evening I emailed the other gym to see how I can transfer my membership and I’m going on Friday for a three day pass to try it out.  The conversation with my coach is the part I am dreading now.

When I got my cranky self home I went out to breakfast with Lori.  That started the day in a much better direction.  Then I got a call regarding todays court date for my great nieces visitation and the orders stand as they previously stood so that also helped.  Then I planted and worked in my garden…..



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