Because I’m not preachy enough….

This is how I broke the news to my family that I enrolled in a nutrition class that starts in a week.

It is an on-line course that will hopefully at least give me a basis to start and an idea if I’m as interested in it as I think I am.

The family laughed, mostly because ALWAYS have unsolicited advise on nutirtion, sustainability and organic food.

I am also sticking with the boot camp I have been working out at.  I went to a different one on Friday and did two workouts.  However I was not a fan of the workout (although I know they change daily) but I was even less impressed with the space and the energy of the place.

I met with my coach “Coach G” and we agreed on some one on one sessions on Friday’s for an hour as he doesn’t have any classes on Fridays.  So we have those on the calendar for the next four weeks.

It’s looking like a busy Oct-Nov.

One Response to “Because I’m not preachy enough….”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Not a damn thing wrong with any of this. Preach, sister.

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