It Rained!!!

There was no rain in the forecast.  None.  In fact the forecast for this week is in the 90’s and nearly 100 by Friday.

I was on the phone last night with my friend Katherine in Seattle and she mentioned the rain they had recently up there and I was lamenting on just how we needed it.  I do remember a slight drizzle at the beginning of May, but only a few minutes worth of drizzle.  But there has been none since then and the only thing we have watered are the three trees in the front yard that are still under 4 years old and the vegetable garden.

So at 2:00 a.m. I heard the rain.  It was a lovely sound and lasted well into the morning and was still raining lightly when I left for the gym at 8:30.  Everything except my car looks so clean and the plants that haven’t had any water since Spring are very, very happy.

So here come the weeds!!  A good 6 hours of rain and then a week of 95+ degree weather I will be spending the weekend in the yard weeding.  But yea, it rained!!!



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