I have voted!!!

img_4761I have voted!  The ballot is stamped and dropped in the mail!  Yes I am early and there is still another debate but I am not undecided on any candidate or proposition.

Admittedly I moved from the most liberal state in the union went I left Washington.  California is not nearly as liberal, not even close.  It may be a blue state but boy oh boy it is still rather conservative and I know actual people voting for the republican option on this years circus of a ticket.

Tomorrow is the last debate.  I will not be watching because my blood pressure can not take it.  Also I will be at work.  I wish there was a rule tomorrow that neither candidate could utter the others name tomorrow.  That they had to answer questions on their plans or policy and not at all compare themselves to the other.  I am so over all of the events and news.  I wont even turn on the TV, barely the radio and am keeping away from all social media.

I have high hopes that Hillary will pull this off.   I was all for Hillary in 2008, I was a delegate and all.  I am now even more so all Hillary.  I admit I was not happy with the choice of Barack when he first got the nomination in 2008.  However I stumped for him and voted of course and am very happy with the two terms he has served.  I just hope those who are voting for Hillary but not completely happy about it will be even half as pleased as I ended up with Barack Obama.

Don’t forget to vote!  November 8th, or mail in early like I have.

(I can’t figure out how to turn comments off, so I’ll just say be nice.)




8 Responses to “I have voted!!!”

  1. Katherine Says:

    I can’t imagine any of your blog readers not being nice. Yay for voting!

    • V_Lo Says:

      You would be surprised. I know several of my “followers” like you and Linda (below). But with over 250 subscribers, several in the EAST coast I have had some un-nice comments that I have deleted (because my site, no freedom to harass here).

      Granted I don’t think they have come from anyone that subscribes but someone who happened across, probably based on a Hillary or the other search

  2. Linda Says:

    And yay for Hillary!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Forgot to add that I am from that blue state you left!

  4. salpal1 Says:

    I also voted early. I am not in love with H like I am with Barack and family, but she is so clearly the right choice in this election. I can’t believe the R’s haven’t figured out a way to pull big orange off the ticket.

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