Has Facebook taken…..

….over as the way we communicate?

I don’t go on Facebook very often, a couple times a week usually.  So I tend to see whatever is on top and since it seems to be the medium in which so many people keep it touch I am missing out on so much.

I am half a season away from finishing the entire six seasons of Sex and the City.  I have been binge streaming it on my iPad at work and before bed.  I had seen random episodes in the past but certainly not all of them from start to finish. They remind me of my friend Katherine!

There is so much that I like about this show and may or may not have anything to do with the heals I wore doing errands and walking around IKEA this weekend.  Recently in fact I decided I needed to purge shoes as an attempt to downsize my already small closet.  So Saturday when I wanted to wear this cute dress that I bought but happens to be just a little short of work (in my opinion) I decided to wear a pair of shoes that I was on the fence about.  They are now in the gone pile but were sure cute on Saturday.

The relationship between the four women in this show is comforting.  They lean on each other, champion each other all while not letting them get away with self pity or fooling themselves.  They also call on each other (literally) in a way I have never been comfortable on the phone.

But perhaps I need to be more comfortable making 10 minute phone calls just to find out what is going on.  However there are friends I talk to regularly.  There are friends I text with regularly or certainly often.  Also friends I Skype with when I reach out and set it up.  Certain friends I get letters from and emails from.   But others that I only know what is going on because I’ve seen a posting on Facebook.  BIG things, like births, surgery’s, marriages.


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