I was going to pick up the dry cleaning today but that has been moved tomorrow.  Tomorrow I have my one hour 1-1 with my coach and that will leave just enough time to get to the dry cleaners to pick up and drop off prior to going home and getting ready for work.

Today I wanted to get a few other things done and needed all my extra time after the gym.  Specifically I wanted to cook a Turkey breast that I bought last weekend.  Before this weeks class I new that Turkey was a low fat protein that was rich in B Vitamins and iron.  What I learned (after buying this turkey breast) this week is that Turkey is also rich in Zinc, Phosphorus and Potassium but the biggest thing….has more protein then Beef!  There you go a perfectly good reason to pick turkey over beef without even getting into the amount of energy needed for cows and the amount of methane they produce.   That is an entirely “other” blog.

I took the turkey breast out before heading to the gym so it could un-chill (sounds better that warm up).  When I got home I turned on the oven and popped this in for just over an hour.  During that time I took my overachieving self out to the front yard to do a little kamikaze weeding.  It rained earlier in the week and the weeds are Happy.  I filled up one bucket before heading back in.  Doesn’t sound like a lot but one bucket a day helps.

Its supposed to rain again tonight.  Color me thrilled.  I took all the pillows in from the back yard and chose NOT to water my veggies.  That may have been a mistake but if it doesn’t rain I will do it first thing tomorrow before going to the gym and the dry cleaner.

The turkey was fabulous for lunch and I had it with some swiss chard from my garden that is huge thanks to last weeks rain.



One Response to “Turkey”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Turkey tacos are a staple around here. Yum!

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