nablopomo_badge_2016Holy carp people its November!  The second to the last month of the year!  Just started peak at work! Still in nutrition class for a few weeks (final on 20th)!  The month of the year I participate in NaBloPoMo and clearly use a lot of exclamation marks!  !!

Let me just wrap up October first.  My great niece is 5 months old because time is flying.  We went out on Saturday to check out a sink and visit.  Luckily the repair was miniscule so more time was dedicated to visiting with the family.

Of course we worked up a bunch of other projects we want to get done and are planning on being back out this coming weekend, but hey its blog fodder at this point.


This month will include  a lot of random blogs because I am seriously busy.  I am also avoiding all news and most social media because I have hit my despair limit.


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