What a Great Series


Work has been a bit crazy tonight, not just because we are in peak and I’ve barely had time to think in between projects.  It was made a tad bit crazier by the 7th game of the world series and my co-workers who were both streaming it on their phones and running into the lounge to watch the close game.

Everyone at my office tonight was rooting for the Cubs.  I think because they beat the Dodgers and are in the same league.  A friend in Seattle, Paul, is a huge anything Cleveland fan.  I usually am an American league fan, I admit I prefer the designated hitter to the pitchers batting.

But this game was a draw for me. As I peaked every once in a while to the score board I knew someone who was going to be thrilled and someone who was going to be disappointed either way.

It feels like the country at the moment.  Half are thrilled and half are disappointed.

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