The day I have to move my car because of the street sweeper.  Also the morning Lori is up and gone before 7:00 a.m.

So read the following paragraph in the quickest way possible just to get an idea of my morning…..

Got up, dressed, brought in garbage cans, started laundry, put dry cleaning in car, moved car, went to boot camp, worked my butt off, drove to dry cleaners, took in shirts and hangers, picked up clothes, drove to Trader Joes, did grocery shopping, drove to Starbucks, drove home, unloaded dry cleaning, unloaded groceries, changed laundry over, put groceries away, made salad for dinner, packed up homework to take to work (just in case ha ha ha), showered, changed over laundry, put clothes away, got dressed, packed up for work and drove to work.

The idea was that I might as well get as much done as I could today because Saturday we are heading out to the house in Calimesa to do some projects (and visit of course).  I figured I would “relax” or at least slow down when I got to work.

Well as I mentioned yesterday we are in peak, what I didn’t know was a co-worker called out.  So I walked into the chaos that is the last forty-five minutes before the SEC filing deadline and a lot of last-minute edits.   Luckily for me I was already ramped up.

Now with a couple of hours left in my shift I am able to get today’s blog in and eat that salad.  Too bad I have nothing else to blog about.

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